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Sergeant Major 9mm Ammo Review #2
Submitted by Robert C., 10/18/2021: Do yourself a kindness/favor, buy a case of the proprietary TulAmmo Sergeant Major 9mm ammo - try it out and have a great time with your shooting buddies, or by yourself, making a solid piece of paper into confetti!!!
Sergeant Major 9mm Ammo Review #1
Submitted by Josh S., 10/13/2021: This ammo feels great.    


WCA 2010 Annual

Pepper Spray Seminar February 06, 2022

Course Summary:Learn everything you need to know about using pepper spray to defend yourself or loved ones.Course Cost:2 Hours - $70 per person C...

WCA 2010 Annual

Emergency Field Care of Trauma & Medical Patients January 29, 2022

Course Summary:Life is dangerous, learn to deal with various medical emergencies as well as traumatic injury.Course Cost:8 Hours - $200 per person Cl...