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Date Posted: May 19, 2022
CLASS REVIEW: Entry Level Handgun
Terrie Maskill
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February 12, 2021

 - " Great instructor. Relational, funny and informed."


February 10, 2021

 - " Chris was engaging and great at instructing."


 - "Cool, funny dude. Very well put together."


  - "I could not be happier with my experience or information provided."


February 3, 2021

 - "Good learning experience. Lots of good information."


 - "Chris was great and easy to follow and made it engaging and fun. Very knowledgeable instructor and looking forward to setting up a private class."


January 31, 2021

 - "Having a ladies course made this much more comfortable for me. Definitely something I will recommend."


January 15, 2021

 - "I enjoyed the class and George did a great job. This was my first time shooting a gun and appreciated all of his knoweledge and patience."


January 13, 2021

 - "Chris was great. He offered several suggestions to make it easier for me to shoot. I greatly appreciate his insight and patience. Would be happy to take more instruction with him."


January 11, 2021

 - "Appreciated explanations of gun function as well as how the classes are ordered. Class size was good, appreciated Steve's work and attention as my wife and daughter attended


 - "Very good information and nicely taught. Instructor was very patient."


January 5, 2021

 - "Course and instructors are excellent. Great blend of introductory information and so helpful to try different gun types. Felt very comfortable in the environment."


 - "I was very nervous and am leaving with less fear and proud of myself."


December 23, 2020

 - "Very knowledgeable staff. Definitely interested in coming back to practice and decide on a gun for purchase."


 - "Great course, will recommend to friends and relatives! Thanks to Chris K."


December 13, 2020

 - "Thanks Brett! Good mix of technical and historical content. Really appreciated the focus on mental health and safety.


 - "The class was informative without being political."


 - "The instructor was knowledgeable, funny, respectful and increased my interest in the subject matter. I felt very safe the whle time (this was my first time ever shooting a gun). I would highly recommend this course to a friend."


December 9, 2020

 - "I loved the class, I will be back!!"


 - "Chris is an excellent instructor. Explains well and is very knowledgeable."


December 7, 2020

 - "Great course, will recommend it to my whole family."


 - "Chris was great! He was super patient and helpful. I will for sure seek out more courses with him. It also helped that he had great humor. Great information and mix of history surrounding guns as well as general knowledge."


December 2, 2020

 - "Very informative. Awesome class. Will recommend."


 - "I love how he mentioned 'mindset' multiple times. You do have to be in the right mindset to be responsible and I liked that he touched on that multiple times. Same with having situational awareness. Very informative. I learned more than I expected. He made me chuckle a few times."


November 30, 2020

 - "Demonstrated good, practical advice and his sharing of stories helped the class stay interesting."


November 27, 2020

 - "Josh and Mike are great instructors! Super easy going and made a first time user feel comfortable shooting. Appreciate all y'all do and I'll be back for fundamentals. Great entry-level course from start to finish! Perfect amount of time and lead up to shooting at the end."


November 22, 2020

 - "Loved his humor, he was able to get a few laughs. He was extremely knoweledgeable & gave relevant information I'll use from here on out."




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