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West Coast Armory's Range Rules


  1. All firearms brought onto premises must be either unloaded, in a gun case or holder or, if loaded, in a holster. West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club reserves the right to inspect any firearm/ammunition on our premises. Bronze Members must bring a gun and/or friend to be able to rent a firearm and reserves the right to refuse the rental of any firearm as deemed necessary.
  2. Anyone 18 years of age, or older, is required to know these rules and to sign a liability waiver. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by his or her legal guardian, who is required to supervise the minor at all times, while the minor is on the range and to sign a liability waiver with the minor and on the minor's behalf.
  3. No one is allowed inside the range area unless they have read these range rules, signed the liability waive and been assigned a lane by West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club staff. Do not change lanes without first receiving a new lane assignment from staff.
  4. Ear and eye protection is required at all times while on the range. No smoking, eating, drinking, or use of smokeless tobacco is permitted on the range. Low cut tops and open-toed shoes are prohibited on the range. Wash your hands after shooting to remove any lead dust.
  5. Alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs are prohibited on West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club property and are not to be used prior to arrival at the range. We have the right to refuse service to anyone. Anyone who has the smell of alcohol or drugs on their breath, or clothes, or who appears to be impaired, will be asked to leave West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club property.
  6. Only two people are permitted in a shooting booth at a time. Only one loaded gun is permitted in a shooting booth at a time. No one is allowed forward of the booth for any reason.
  7. Any equipment or other personal items left unattended on the range, or in the store, is done at the owners risk. After 30 days all items become West Coast Armory/Bellevue Gun Club property.
  8. Pregnant women are strongly discouraged from shooting. No late pregnancy shooters will be allowed on the range due to health concerns from sound percussions.
  9. Most center-fire rifles, or carbines, are not permitted - except those 7.62 x 39, 5.56, .223 and below.
  10. Most center-fire handguns are permitted, as are shotguns and .22 caliber rim-fire rifles - as long as the ammunition muzzle velocity remains under 2,000 feet per second. No bottleneck ammunition, with the exception of .357 SIG, may be fired - even through handguns (pistol restrictions do not apply to Silver, Gold or Platinum Members). No steel shot, bird shot, steel-cased, steel-jacket, tracer, explosive, or metal-piercing ammunition is permitted. All ammo should be jacketed brass. Shooters causing damage to West Coast Armory's property, by using unauthorized firearms or ammunition, will be held accountable for their actions and required to reimburse West Coast Armory for costs incurred in repairing damages. If you are unclear on this, or have any questions, be sure to ask a West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club employee before taking the firearm/ammunition onto the range.
  11. After payment at the counter, put on your ear and eye protection and enter the range through the range door. Put your equipment at the booth assigned to you and clamp the target to the holder. The switch on the left side of the booth sends the target forward. Distance in yards is measured on the side of the bay. Please do not run the target carrier home full speed, you will be held responsible for damage to the target carrier.
  12. Case and uncase the gun only in your booth. Never case or uncase any gun anywhere else. Keep the barrel of the gun pointed down-range at all times. With the exception of West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club sponsored leagues, all firing will be conducted from the booth firing line. The bench, behind the firing line, is to be used for equipment placement only and is not to be used to load firearms or to place uncased firearms. No uncased/unholstered firearms off the firing line.
  13. If you experience any problem with a firearm leave it on the tray, in the booth, pointed down-range and come to the counter for assistance.
  14. Shooters will only fire at paper targets hung from the carrier in their assigned lane. Cross-lane firing, or shooting at anything other than your own target is strictly prohibited. Any person seen firing at lights, baffles, carriers, walls, or any other range property, or equipment, will be removed from the range, barred from future use of West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club facilities and reported to the proper authorities for appropriate action. You will be held accountable and made to pay for any damage you cause by not following range rules.
  15. All shots fired are to be aimed. Fast-fire and draw practice is not allowed on the range unless specifically arranged, in advance, with West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club management. Members may draw from the holster after completing a safety check.
  16. Reloaders may recover their own brass from the range provided it is not forward of the firing line. Brass previously left on the range by other shooters is the property of West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club and is not permitted to be removed.
  17. When you are finished shooting, or your time has expired, unload your gun, pack up your unloaded gun, clean up around your booth by throwing trash in the receptacle provided and by sweeping brass forward of the firing line. Please inform the staff of any equipment that does not appear to be operating properly.
  18. All shooters must obey the instruction of West Coast Armory and/or Bellevue Gun Club staff at all times. Failure to obey instruction, or acting in an unsafe manner, may result in removal/suspension from the range. We want you to enjoy your time on the range and return to shoot often. We are here to assist and serve you.
  19. All rifles must be shot at a minimum of 20 yards.


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